Youlormans Hilaire scored the game’s only goal, and Kyle Aultman saved four as the Trinity Baptist College Eagles advanced to the South Region Final with a 1-0 win over the Bruins of Bob Jones University Thursday night at Bob Jones.

In Minute 62, Hillaire took a corner-kick pass from Juan Grimaldo (assist) from the right side and slapped it into the net to give the Eagles a 1-0 lead.

Youlormans Hilaire scored the game’s only goal.

Aultman’s defense limited the Bruins to only five shots on goal and deflected one away, making Aultman’s job very easy. Aultman, though, made four saves, two of them on the dive. Jared Simmons took four of the Bruins’ five shots on goal in nine total team attempts.

Trinity controlled the ball for most of the game and managed 13 shots on goal out of 17 attempts. Bruins goalkeeper Andrew Kester, however, played a spectacular goal and made several diving saves. Kester saved 12 shots on the night. Grimaldo had four shots on goal for Trinity, and Josh Briones had three. Hillaire’s score was 1 of 2 shots on goal, and five other Eagles took shots as the Eagles kept the attack going all night long.

Trinity advances to the South Region final, and the Eagles will play Pensacola Christian College Saturday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. EDT. The winner will advance to the NCCAA Division 2 National Championship Tournament, which Bob Jones University will host from November 14-18. Pensacola defeated Johnson University of Florida 14-0 in Thursday’s earlier semifinal.

Should the Eagles win, they will advance to their fourth consecutive national tournament. Pensacola is battling for its first trip since last season’s return to the field after a 30-year hiatus from men’s soccer. Either team could still earn an at-large bid even with a loss on Saturday. Bob Jones receives and automatic bid due to its hosting of the national tournament.

–Raymond Bureau, TBC

PHOTO: Bob Jones University Live Stream Screen Shot